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Know How Judges THINK!

If you want to win in court, you must understand how most judges think. This week’s Tips & Tactics will get you started on that difficult but essential journey. Our popular and affordable 24-hour Jurisdictionary step-by-step lawsuit self-help course will teach you more and give you the competitive edge you need to win!

judgeLearn this week’s lesson or risk losing your case!
There are three (3) motives that control the way judges think. Know them. Remember them. Plan your tactics accordingly, because the way judges think affects the way judges act … and that affects you!

Here are the three motives that control most judges:
1. Clearing the Docket
2. Black Robe Disease
3. Avoiding Appeal

In this Tips & Tactics I can only touch on these briefly, but our complete 24-hour Jurisdictionary course will give you the in-depth understanding that winners need to win. Each of these is a constant factor in the decisions judges make. They affect all judges. Know them. Remember them. Plan your case accordingly.

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Win Without A Lawyer

Lawyers want you to believe they are smarter than you.

They aren’t!

They’re like fortune tellers who want you to believe they have power to see what you cannot see, yet they are the ones who have hidden the CrystalBallmysteries of due process from you … so you must pay them to fight for your rights.

Your rights!

Why have the American People allowed this sham to continue so long?

Why haven’t the American People demanded their right to know how to fight for their rights without a lawyer?

After all, what good are all your other rights if the right to use due process to win in court has been denied you?

Lawyers run this planet!

Lawyers control the knowledge of due process!

No more must you be their victim!

You have a right to know how due process works!

And, thanks to Jurisdictionary, learning how to use due process to control judges and lawyers is easy to learn!

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