Browning Safes Reviews

Browning Safes Review

Browning is a well-known brand when it comes to firearms. Ever since 1879 when the founder John Moses Browning obtained his first patent for a single shot rifle, the company has grown in terms of the number of products it offers. It has become one of the leading producers of firearms and firearms accessories, knives, flashlights and gun safes. Browning safes have received high ratings not only because of the excellent security designs but also because they are highly customizable. Its wide range spread under 4 main categories, makes sure there is something for everyone.

What Makes The Browning Safes a Better Choice?

Protection from fire, Security and storage capacity are three important parameters to look into when it comes to selecting a safe. Browning safes have some patented and innovative designs for each of these parameters which makes them a lot safer compared to competitors. Following are some of the features which differentiates a Browning safe from the rest in the market.

  1. Fire Protection: In case of a fire, it is important that a safe withstands high temperatures. To ensure that they do Browning safes have the following incorporated in their designs
    • ThermaBlock: A ThermaBlock is made up of thick interlocked insulation sheets, which provide three times higher protection from fire, compared to competitor brands.
    • Continuous welding: Browning safes use continuous welding over spot welding, which limit damage during a fire.
    • External hinges: External hinges eliminate gaps in the fire insulation. This ensures 8 times lesser heat to radiate into the safe, compared to the internal hinges used by competitors.
  2. Security: Browning Safe designs have obtained a RSC certification (Residential Security Container) from Underwriter Laboratories, an American safety consultation and certification company.
    • Browning uses 12 guage steel which is 40 percent thicker than a 14 gauge steel used by competitors
    • Browning safes also have robust locking mechanisms with multiple layers of lock protection and pry-stop lock bolts.
  3. Storage: A safe interior must be such that it allows you to make good use of the space and big enough to hold more guns in case you decide to expand your collection. The Browning safes are customizable and allows you to utilize every inch of interior space. Its key features are:
    • Axis Adjustable shelving – These shelves can be added or removed, moved up and down or sideways to accommodate guns and accessories of various size and shapes. They help to keep your safe well organized.
    • Duo-Plus Extra Storage system – This system allows the safe door to be converted to store guns, and accessories. This feature is provided as an upgrade by competitors, while it is an integral part of a Browning safe.

Types of Browning Safes

Given the vast collection of Browning safes, it is very easy to get lost while trying to choose one. To make things easier, Browning categorizes its safe into four main categories. You can browse through their collection depending on your need.

  1. Pro series safes – This series offers all the security features provided by Browning in addition to a heavt 3/16” steel body for extra protection. It has 6 sub categories: Pinnacle, Prestige, Deluxe, Grand, Home Deluxe and Home.
  2. Custom collection safes – This series is Browning’s most popular series, especially the Medallion, mainly because it is more practical and affordable. It has 3 subcategories: Medallion, Platinum Plus and Silver.
  3. Core collection safes – This series represents the basic version of a Browning safe. They are cheaper, look great yet provide excellent protection. It has 4 subcategories: Hunter/Hell’s Canyon, Select, Heavyweight and Sporter.
  4. Black label safes – This range is mainly for Modern Sporting Rifles. Has two sub categories: Mark III and Mark IV, each with a capacity of 25 to 40 guns.

Apart from these, they also make vault doors and Pistol vaults. Browning vault doors can be used to convert entire rooms into a safe room. Pistol vaults are smaller safes for pistols, which can be used for secure transportation of a firearm or can be bolted in at a convenient place.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Browning safes are:

  • Wide range of products to choose from, all of which meet the rigorous security requirements for the UL RSC certification.
  • Innovative designs like the ThermaBlock which provide far better security compared to most competitors.
  • Good aesthetics. All safes have a modern sophisticated look.
  • No compromise on protection and security even on the basic models. For example, the Spotler which is an entry level or a basic model provides 60 minutes’ worth of fire protection. Most competitors provide this only on their expensive models.
  • Lifetime warranty – Browning will repair or replace damaged safes, due to fires or break ins.

Cons of Browning safes are:

  • The warranty is not nearly as good as that given by others in the market. It is provided only for the original owner, for a fire or a break in and requires a valid police report. If you change the dial lock combination within 5 years of purchase of the lock, it makes the 5 year lock warranty void.
  • It is costly compared to its competitors. This however can be ignored when you look at the number of features they provide for the same price.


The name Browning invokes a sense of security, mainly due to their 100 plus years of experience dealing with firearms and its accessories. It has a vast collection of safes which can be customized internally to suite everyone’s requirements. Even basic models provide high security, which makes Browning safes one of the top picks while choosing a safe.


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