Diversion Safes Reviews

Diversion Safes Reviews

Do you have a gun and looking for cheaper ways to conceal and protect it? Or do you feel safer travelling with a gun, but do not want to draw attention to yourself? Are you a student who does not have enough money to buy a safe for your valuables? Well, diversion safes are the answers to your problem. Diversion safes look like regular everyday objects and are totally inconspicuous. They are light weight, easy to carry around and do not draw attention. A burglar breaking into your house will not look twice at these objects or suspect that these are concealed safes.

Types of Diversion Gun Safes

Diversion safes come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose one depending on the size of your valuable or the kind of gun that you want to conceal. The following five categories of diversion safes are the most popular.

  1. Book Safes – these have been popularized by television serials and movies, where jail inmate hides a gun or a weapon. Some of the higher priced book safes have a tough protective storage compartment with a combination lock or a lock and key. You can even get book safes of your favorite books like Pride and Prejudice. These safes can be carried around easily without arousing anyone’s suspicion.
  2. Clock safes – these are the second most popular diversion safes after books. Who doesn’t own a clock? Almost everyone does. In fact clocks are so common, that you could have one each room and no one would ever guess that it is a safe. The only disadvantage about this safe is that it cannot be carried around without people becoming curious.
  3. Canister safes – These safes are made from objects which resemble a can. These could be cans of
    1. Popular drinks such as coca cola, red bull or 7 Up.
    2. Cans of food such as Del Monte canned vegetables or Pringles chips
    3. Aerosol cans containing deodorants, hair sprays, Engine cleaners

However, possibilities of losing these canister safes are high. A family member can easily mistake it to be an empty can and toss it into the bin or a guest could mistake it to be a can of soda and carry it away.

  1. Miscellaneous object safes – The number of options under these categories are high. Popular ones are rock safe, candle safe, electric outlet, AC vent, hair brush. In case you are looking at hiding your gun in one of them, make sure to choose an object big enough to fit it.
  2. Concealed Cabinets – This category of safes are big enough to store long firearms. They can be concealed to look like wall hangings, or a closet. They can even be hidden under a sofa, a bed or a false bottom under the table or the inside a drawer. There are many branded wall safes like Proway and Safewell. This category of diversion safes are by far the best when it comes to burglary protection, fire protection and water protection.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Diversion safes are:

  • Easy to conceal – Diversion safes are usually small inconspicuous objects converted into safes. These are therefore easy to conceal or hide in plain sight
  • Easier on your wallet – Diversion safes are available for as less as $10. They are usually made from everyday objects. Hence cheaper than the heavy duty safes
  • “Do It Yourself” safes – If you own the right the set of tools, you can convert everyday objects into safes. For example, with the right kind of knife you could cut open a slot in a book big enough to hold your gun. Or, with just a screw driver, open up the back side of a clock and convert it into a safe
  • Available in all shapes and sizes – These safes can be as small as a Duracell battery to as big as a bed or a sofa.
  • Light weight and easy to carry around while travelling.
  • These safes are easy to access in case of emergencies and you do not have to fumble around with a key or try to remember the safe combination.

Cons of Diversion safes are:

  • Not enough burglar protection – Diversion safes provide security as long as the burglar does not know about it. Once it is identified as a safe, it is easy to just carry it away.
  • No fire or water protection – Since these safes are made from everyday objects, they do not provide water or fire protection. Very few diversion safes in the market are made fire proof. Some of these models have been known to have developed mold after usage. Even though you could use silica gel to prevent moisture absorption, it is not a fool proof way to protect your valuables.
  • Not kid proof – Many diversion safes do not even have a proper lock and key. They only rely on their camouflaging capabilities to protect your valuables and firearms. Any kid with a sense of curiosity can open the safe and take the contents.
  • No Quality Standards or Certifications –Except for some of the higher end concealed cabinet safes, all other diversion safes do not have a UL certificate for quality. There are no know quality standards or certifications against which the diversion safes are tested. The burglar just needs to drop the safe on the floor to get to its contents.


Diversion safes are cheap, easy to access and conceal your firearms and valuables in plain sight. On an average, a burglar spends 8 minutes when he breaks into a house. It would be hard to identify a diversion safe and rob it. These safes are easy to carry and indistinguishable from regular objects. Quality and size of these objects are something to be considered before buying one.


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