In Wall Gun Safe Reviews

In Wall Gun Safe Reviews

If you have a gun, it is mandatory in many places for you to provide “access prevention” or protection from unauthorized people. This makes having a gun safe mandatory. However, having a standalone safe would draw attention as it may not completely blend in with the other furniture. This is where an In wall gun safe has an advantage. These safes are easy to conceal and provide ample protection for your firearms and valuables.

What to Look For In A Wall Safe

Not all manufacturers have an In Wall safe, and those that do, have just one or two options to choose from. So, your choices may be narrowed down considerably. Nevertheless, here are somethings to consider while choosing an In Wall Gun Safe.

  1. Legal requirements – Different countries have different legal requirements for a safe. It is your responsibility to make sure that your safe meets the legal requirement. For example, in Ireland, the safe should meet the British Standard BS7558. In Western Australia, the safe must have double locks if the swinging edge of the door is between 500mm to 1500 mm. In the California state, US, the safe must be approved by Regulatory Gun Safe standards.
  2. Dimensions – If the In Wall Safe has to be properly concealed, dimensions play a major role. If the external depth of the safe is more than the wall where it is to be installed, the safe would stick out. The internal depth along with the height and width must be big enough to hold your guns
  3. Lock type – Decide on whether you want a conventional lock or a biometric lock. Keep in mind that while the lock should be strong enough to keep intruders out, it should also allow quick access in case of emergencies.
  4. Additional features – Fire protection, Water proofing, Door storage, Adjustable shelves are some of the additional features to look into.
  5. Price – Depending on the features and dimensions, the wall safes could cost anywhere between $100 to a little over $500. The cheaper ones are enough to keep kids and guests out. You might need to look at a costlier heavy duty safe to keep the thugs out and get fire and water protection.

Pros and Cons of In Wall Safes

In wall safes have many advantages over standalone units. They are:

  • Concealable – In Wall safes can be hidden from view behind a painting, or made to look like a closet door. They can also be quickly accessed in case of emergencies.
  • Better Kid protection – Kids are by nature curious. There have been many cases where some kids have locked themselves into a safe and suffocated. In Wall safes can be placed higher up in the wall and out of reach of smaller children. Child locks can be provided to keep out older children. The chances of a child locking themselves in an In Wall safe is less due to the fact that its depth is lesser compared to the standalone units.
  • Cheaper than standalone units – In Wall safes are typically priced around 25 percent lesser than standalone units with the same features. This could mainly be due to the dimensions
  • Easy to Install – Most In Wall safes come with an installation template, which aid you to install the safe within an hour or two.
  • Flood protection – Since they can be placed higher up in the wall, they provide better protection from water in case of a flood situation

Though in wall safe seem to be a practical solution, they do have certain disadvantages.

  • Lesser Internal Depth – The safe’s depth is limited by the depth of the wall. This further limits the number of items you can store in it compared to a standalone unit.
  • The Wall Issue – Before buying a wall safe, you need to decide which wall you would be putting it on. The wall might need to be reinforced so that it does not collapse under the weight of the safe. You also need to make sure that there are no electric wires which are running through the wall where you intend to place the safe.
  • Limited options – Not all manufacturers have in wall safes. Though in wall safes come with biometric and electronic locks, the number of options that you have is lesser compared to the standalone units.

Best In Wall Safes

With internal depth being an issue with In Wall safes, there is only so much you could do to customize it internally. Probably why you find such limited options when it comes to wall safes. Even so, two manufacturers Gardall and Amsec have managed to put up a commendable collection of 8 wall safes each and are worth mentioning.

Gardall SL4000F Heavy Duty Concealed Wall Safe

Gardall SL4000F Heavy Duty Concealed Wall Safebuy-with-amazon

Gardall Wall Safes – While most manufacturers offer just one or two wall safe options, Gardall provides 8 options to choose from. Their safes are categorized into Light duty, Heavy duty and Insulated wall safes. While their light and heavy duty safes provide an internal depth of up 2.5 inches, the insulated safes provide a whopping 8.5 inches. The insulated safes are ideal to be concealed along with your closets or under a staircase. Their top rated safe is the Gardall SL4000F Heavy Duty Concealed Wall Safe.

AMSEC WFS149 Wall Safe

Amsec Wall Safes

  1. Amsec Wall Safes – Amsec or American Security, provide 8 options for wall safes. Compared to Gardall, Amsec safes come in all shapes and sizes and are reasonably priced. Their wall safes are categorized into Entry level, Heavy duty and Fireproof safes.

These two manufacturers however provide just key or an electronic locking system. If you are looking for something more sophisticated, you could check out the following popular brands.


Other In Wall Safe Options



Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Safe – Ideal for small handguns, comes with 10 years of manufacturer warranty.


Barska Biometric Wall safe

  1. Barska Biometric Wall safe – has biometric fingerprint technology which can store up to 120 fingerprints in its database.



  1. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe – holds upto 3 rifles and can be either wall mounted or used as a floor unit.


Viking Security safe VS 52BLX


  1. Viking Security safe VS 52BLX – has biometric and electronic locking options, along with sound sensors which beep when the door is left unlocked for long

Stack On IWC-22

  1. Stack On IWC-22 – has a three point locking system and removable shelves. IWC 55 version is ideal for storing upto 2 rifles.


Quick Vent safe with RFID

  1. Quick Vent safe with RFID – It looks more like an AC ventilator and blends in very well.



In wall Gun safes are ideal for storing or concealing small hand guns and ammunition. They can be easily concealed and provide quick access in case of emergencies. But if you are looking to store a big collection of rifles wall safes might not be an ideal choice.

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