Winchester Safes Reviews

Winchester Safes Reviews

winchester safe reviews

People familiar with American history would definitely have heard of “The Gun that won the west”, which is none other than a Winchester Model 1873 Rifle. The name Winchester is associated with some of the oldest guns available in America. They have been well known for their integrity and reliability. In 1991 they partnered with Granite Security Products and started manufacturing gun safes, which are just as famous as their guns. The demand for Winchester safes is so high that they produce a safe every 2.2 minutes.

Best Winchester Safes

Winchester has 8 different series to choose from: Bandit, Ranger, Defender, Big Daddy, Tactical, Treasury, Silverado and Legacy. Most recently, to celebrate their 150th year in existence, they have come out with an Anniversary limited edition gun safe. Apart from these, they also have one safe series exclusively for storing ammunition, and 3 models for the Home and Office set up. All these safes are sturdy and can withstand temperatures of 1400 F for 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. Here are some of the most popular models:

Winchester Safes Big Daddy 36 Gun Safe,Electronic Lock,Granite

  • Winchester Safes Big Daddy 36 Gun Safe,Electronic Lock,Granite – This is one of the most popular Winchester safes. It gets its name due to its wide stance and 48 long gun capacity. It has a fire rating of 1400F for 75 minutes. If you’re serious about your Winchesters’ – this is the get for you.


Winchester Legacy Premier 26-11-E Gun Safe; 28 Gun Capacity (Granite) (Electronic Lock)

  • Legacy Series – This series has 2 models Legacy 53 and Legacy 44. Both models are popular due to their robust build and high fire protection of 2.5 hours at 1400 F. They can hold up to 51 long guns. These models are however very expensive with their price being almost double the price of Big Daddy – but you get what you pay for.


Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19 Gun Safe

  • Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19 Gun Safe – This is the most popular lower range Winchester safe. It can hold up to 22 long guns and provide fire protection of 60 minutes at 1400 F. A solid option for gun safes for sure.


Winchester Safes S-6030-14-M Silverado 26 Gun Safe with Mechanical Lock

  • Winchester Safes S-6030-14-M Silverado 26 Gun Safe with Mechanical Lock – With a capacity of holding up to 26 long guns, this mid-range safe provides a fire protection of up to 2 hours at 1400F. I have no personal experience with it, so I’m merely putting it here based on other reviews but can’t (and won’t) vouch for it personally.


What makes the Winchester safes a better choice?

Winchester’s tag line “We won the west. Now we protect it” says it all. They have a strong legacy of having produced the best guns which eventually helped capture the “Wild West”. For a company to have survived for 150 solid years is definitely a great achievement. This same company is now producing gun safes for people to protect their valuables and firearms. Apart from their strong legacy, here are some reasons why Winchester safes are a better choice over their competitors:

  • Security Certifications: They were the first company to receive a UL RSC certificate for burglary protection. Their safes use the UL certified Sargent and Greenleaf Locks. Winchester safes even exceed the California DOJ firearms safety device requirements
  • Fire Protection: Most Winchester safes are fireproof for up to 1400 F for 60 minutes, which is 17% more than the 1200 F provided by their competitor’s products. Apart from using external hinges and thicker fireboards, Winchester safes use Palusol Heat Expandable Door Seal. When the external temperature rises, this seal expands to 6 times its original size and seals the door protecting the contents of the safe.
  • Burglery protection : All Winchester safes have a Tinanium Plate and Drill Resistant Hard Plate which provide protection against drilling. They also have an Auxiliary re-locker which gets activated in case someone tries to tamper with the lock.
  • Warranty: Winchester safes come with 2 year warranty on the lock and limited lifetime warranty on the safe. It has a guarantee that covers replacement of safe in case of damage during a burglary or a fire, locksmith service and curbside delivery all for free. If you are buying a second hand safe, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner for a fee.
  • Notion Sensor: Winchester has a Notion Sensor, which can be bought as an add-on. This sensor monitors moisture, temperature changes, motion and many other details and sends alerts directly to your smart phone. This allows you to monitor your safe even when you are not at home.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Winchester takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously and uses recycled materials where possible. They also use VOC free powder paint that is environmental friendly.

Winchester’s state of the art manufacturing unit allows them to manufacture completely in the USA and churns out a safe every 2.2 minutes.

Nobody is perfect. The Winchester safes do have a disadvantages or cons listed below.

  • Price: Though Winchester does have a few safes below $1000, most of their safes are considered high end safes. However if you do look at their quality, the price seem justified
  • Many customers have not been very happy with Winchester’s customer support once their 2 year warranty has lapsed. This is understandable if one looks at the number of safes that they have sold since inception.


Winchester has been known for their firearms for a long time. Their logo which has a horse and a cowboy rider symbolizes reliability and innovation. Their entry into the gun safe market showed their dedication to providing complete solutions to their customers for firearms protection. Their state of the art designs and latest technology helps them build safes consistently faster than their competitors. They have truly lived up to the expectations of their customers which has helped them survive for 150 years.

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